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The Physician Assistant position is a comprehensive role which includes support in the areas of case management and patient communications.  The Physician Assistant works under moderate supervision to provide high-quality patient care and create favorable impressions with patients. The Physician Assistant will primarily be responsible for evaluating patients seen for follow-up visits. Although this person will at times be working independently, consultation with clinic physicians should be sought in difficult cases. This particular role is slated to participate in SC ENT Allergy & Sleep Medicine's Saturday Walk-In Clinic from 8AM to 1PM. This role provides an opportunity for patient access to ENT and Allergy services on the weekend, where patients can utilize outside of standard operating hours during the work week.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Take a brief history of the chief complaint and/or inquire about interval history since last appointment for follow-up patients.
  • Perform a physical examination pertaining primarily to the respiratory tract and skin.  This exam will include examination of the nose, ears, and throat.  In addition, auscultation of the chest will be performed and, in selected cases, examination of the skin will be undertaken.
  • A clinical assessment including differential diagnosis when indicated will be provided.
  • Recommendations will be made for each individual patient experience.  In more difficult cases, immediate consultation either directly, when a physician is in the office, or by phone will be necessary.
  • It is mandatory that consultation with clinic physicians be sought in difficult cases.
  • The Physician Assistant will help in management and treatment of reactions which occurs secondary to immunotherapy.  Should the reaction be of greater severity, it is essential that consultation with a clinic physician be obtained.
  • The Physician Assistant with prescriptive authority will be able to prescribe antihistamines, decongestants, mucolytics, bronchodilators, inhaled steroids (for chest and nose), oral steroids, and antibiotics.
  • The Physician Assistant will develop treatment plans specifically tailored to each individual patient, document the plan clearly in the chart and communicate in a clear and concise manner to the patient.
  • The Physician Assistant will order specific laboratory assessments, radiology, and CT scans as deemed appropriate to the medical condition.
  • The Physician Assistant should be able to take call from their home during after-office hours.  During these times, physician back-up must always be available for consultation.


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