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We are a large ENT & allergy practice! We are currently looking for a medical assistant to join our team. We are looking for a positive, detail oriented, self-motivated, highly organized, independent, reliable person with experience in high procedure offices.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Interacts professionally with patients.
  • Accompanies and settles patients in the exam room in advance of the physician’s visit.
  • Takes vitals and enters them into the EMR.
  • Obtains current medication list from new and return patients and verify allergies during every request for medication and every office visit. Perform medication reconciliation.
  • Acquires patient history and the chief complaint and document in complete sentences with the proper grammar why the patient is being seen for a visit.
  • Scheduling in office procedures.
  • Prepping patients for in-house CT scans.
  • Preps and assists providers with in office procedures.
  • Maintaining of scopes/cleaning them.
  • Cleaning of instruments and using autoclave.
  • Restocking rooms and lab.
  • Updates patient’s surgeries in the Surgical History once the patient has had surgery by our physicians (or other outside physicians).
  • Obtain patient signed informed consent via paper.
  • Updates the provider which patient should be seen next to minimize wait time when multiple rooms are filled up. Patient timeliness and appointment time must be taken into consideration to avoid upset patient(s).
  • Stocking rooms.
  • Cleans and prepares room in a timely manner for the next patient.
  • Calls-in prescriptions as directed by the physicians.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable government laws, rules, regulations, and Company policies and procedures.
  • Maintains safe environment for patient, co-workers and self, per policies and procedures.
  • Preps chart in advance obtaining results and any other needed paperwork.
  • Manages inventory at this location.
  • Other duties as assigned.
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