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Position Overview: 

We are searching for a dedicated NexGen EMR Administrator to optimize our electronic medical records system, ensuring efficient and secure patient data management. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the NexGen EMR platform, coupled with the ability to work collaboratively with our medical and IT teams to ensure streamlined operations, compliance, and top-tier patient care.

 Key Responsibilities:

1. Oversee daily administration, configuration, and management of the NexGen EMR system.

2. Collaborate with clinical teams to understand workflow needs and adapt the EMR system accordingly.

3. Ensure the accuracy, integrity, and security of patient data in compliance with HIPAA and other relevant regulations.

4. Provide technical support for NexGen EMR users, addressing and troubleshooting system-related issues.

5. Coordinate system updates and upgrades, ensuring that the latest functionalities are integrated without disrupting clinical operations.

6. Develop and conduct NexGen EMR training programs for staff members to ensure efficient utilization.

7. Liaise with IT teams to facilitate system integration, backup, and disaster recovery processes.

8. Monitor EMR system performance and recommend optimizations or modifications.

9. Stay updated on the latest developments in EMR best practices, NexGen updates, and relevant regulations.

10. Develop and maintain documentation pertaining to EMR configurations, policies, and procedures.



1. Bachelor’s degree in Health Informatics, IT, or a related field.

2. Minimum of 3 years of experience with NexGen EMR administration or a similar electronic health record platform.

3. Profound knowledge of the healthcare industry, patient data management, and relevant compliance regulations (e.g., HIPAA).

4. Strong technical troubleshooting abilities.

5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

6. Ability to collaborate with diverse teams, including clinical, IT, and administrative staff.

7. Proactive approach to problem-solving and continuous improvement.

8. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.




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