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Perform basic screening procedures, such as pure tone screening, otoacoustic emissions screening, immittance screening (tympanometry), and screening of ear canal status using otoscope.

  • Administer diagnostic hearing evaluation including air conduction, bone conduction, and speech audiometry tests.
  • Select and administer appropriate tests for each patient.
  • Providing test results in a clear manner to providers in the office.
  • Maintain professional interactions with patients and staff.
  • Assist with patient communication, including checking phone messages, answering phone calls, returning phone calls, and relaying phone messages to the audiologists.
  • Assist with scheduling appointments for hearing aid patients.
  • Manage patient documentation and medical records accurately and carefully.
  • Survey supplies needed for the department and coordinate ordering of necessary supplies.
  • Check and clean hearing aids dropped off by patients. Send hearing aids for repair when needed. Determine when hearing aids should be checked/ verified by the audiologist.
  • Assist with managing requests and authorizations for hearing aids distributed through Children’s Rehabilitative Services.
  • Reviewing schedules to ensure patients are scheduled appropriately and with the correct provider.
  • Maintaining a clean workplace utilizing recommended sanitation procedures.
  • Care and maintenance of audiology equipment.
  • Performing VNG testing and conveying results to the audiologist for interpretation. (*If trained in VNG testing).
  • Assist with marketing tasks as directed by the audiologists.
  • Assisting with other administrative tasks for the betterment of the department at the discretion of the Director of Audiology.
  • High School graduate or G.E.D equivalent
  • Certified Medical Assistant
  • Three (3) years prior experience in a medical practice is preferred.
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