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The Allergy Technician is responsible for rendering professional clinical care within the medical practice in support of and as directed by the physicians and/ or allergy department coordinator. This position requires an especially detail-oriented person. The Allergy Technician must learn and exhibit skills necessary to perform allergy testing, give allergy injections, and mix allergy serum. This position requires the individual to be very professional and willing to study and learn whatever is needed to understand the processes and procedures.  Additional responsibilities may include assisting back-office personnel in day to day back-office operations when necessary.


  • Mix and accurately prepare allergy vials for injections.                                      
  • Administer allergy injections.                                                                           
  • Test and Treat patients for allergy related problems in a caring manner.              
  • Responsible for accurately maintaining allergy supplies and inventories in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for weekly maintenance of allergy testing equipment.                                 
  • Be knowledgeable in all aspects of allergy treatment; shots, mixing, etc.             
  • Must develop good foundational knowledge of ENT, diseases, treatments, medications, and their purposes.           
  • Have great interpersonal skills.
  • Know allergic responses and prescribe protocol (emergency drugs, asthma drugs, etc.)
  • Use universal safety precautions as necessary, self-protections, disposal, etc.      
  • Understand and follow all allergy department policies and procedures.               
  • Understand documentation requirements for patient care.                       
  • Ability to give patient care instructions in a clear and understandable manner.    
  • Accurately documents allergy testing results on testing forms and in the EMR system for physician review and interpretation.
  • Completes immunotherapy prescription form for physician review and approval.
  • Documents all immunotherapy injections and reactions for physician review and signature.


  • High School graduate or equivalent 
  • Certification in Medical Assisting is Required
  • 3+ years prior experience in a medical practice is preferred 
  • Must be willing to travel to Columbia area locations


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